All salads served with your choice of:
head lettuce . spinach . romaine . spring mix

Chef: ham, turkey, bacon, egg, swiss, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, broccoli, red onion, lettuce
Colony: chicken, shrimp, or tuna salad stuffed in an avocado or tomato, lettuce, swiss, sprouts, fruit
Washington: chicken, bacon, egg, grapes, walnuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, bagel chips, lettuce
Pam's: grilled chicken, apples, walnuts, cranberries, blue cheese, bacon, egg, red pepper, spring mix
Destin: strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes, turkey, bacon, swiss, eggs, mushrooms, lettuce
Taco: tomato, lettuce, cheddar, beef, tostitos, sour cream, salsa, [jalapenos by request]
Pasta: chicken, tomato, broccoli, rotini pasta, parmesan cheese, lettuce
Da Greek: marinated tomato, cucumber, broccoli, bell pepper, onion, kalamata, pepperoni, chicken, feta, lettuce, spinach
Louiseanne: turkey, strawberry, pecan, egg, mushroom, tomato, broccoli, onion, swiss, spinach, lettuce
Colorado: chicken, pears, bacon, blue cheese, crispy noodles, egg, tomato, red onion, spinach, lettuce
Quiche Plus: Quiche with soup or any half of any salad
Cobb: grilled chicken, swiss, cheddar, egg, bacon, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, broccoli, bell pepper, onion, lettuce
Madison: chicken, bacon, eggs, avocado, swiss, mushrooms, broccoli, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, red onion, lettuce
Big Blue: beef brisket, blue cheese, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, mushroom, carrots, avocado, bell peppers, red onion
Tampa: shrimp salad, egg, bacon, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, mushroom, bell pepper, red onion, lettuce
Diet Center: spinach, chicken, egg, mushroom, broccoli, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, bell pepper, red onion
Alaskan: grilled samon, tomato, egg, cucumber, craisins, bacon, green onion, crispy noodles, walnuts, feta, fried onions
Spring Chicken: grilled chicken salad, cherry tomato, romaine

Available Upon Request: jalapeno, croutons, pecans, crispy noodles and walnuts, pepperoncini, bagel chips, fried onion rings, green onion, or shredded pepperjack cheese.



ranch, feta, pepper parmesan, comeback, blue cheese, poppyseed


mustard italian, oil and vinegar, balsamic vinaigrette, raspberry vinaigrette, 1000 island, honey mustard, turnrow vinaigrette, pecan vinaigrette

Fat Free

ranch, italian, 1000 island, french


chicken salad pint
chicken salad quart
grilled cheese on sourdough
side soup or salad
soup bowl
chili cup
chili bowl
chili as a side
add $.50
extra dressing


Sammies (w/side) Or Salad
Pick-up/Delivery $9.80 + $.70 sales tax
Please tip your driver.


all Sammies served on your choice of:
french bread (+$.50), sourdough, italian flatbread, croissant, honey wheat, rye, white, texas toast, king's bread (+$.50), sugarbuster's, whole grain , focaccia(+$.50), or pumpernickle

Jamaica: seasoned chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce
Lawyers Club: turkey, ham, bacon, swiss, tomato, lettuce
Turkey Bacon: smoked turkey, bacon, Swiss, tomato, lettuce
Texan: spicy roast beef, Swiss, tomato, lettuce
Chicken: chicken salad, lettuce, sweet pickle, [grapes & pecans by request]
Connie: tuna salad, sweet pickle, tomato, red onion, bacon, lettuce
BBLT: bacon, bacon, lettuce, tomato
Uptown: grilled chicken, cranberries, blue cheese, pecans, red onion, tomato, lettuce
Queen's Road: beef brisket, blue cheese, red onion, tomato, romaine, horseradish mayo
Muffuletta: ham, pastrami, provolone, olive salad, yellow mustard, gambino's bun
Atkins Wrap: chicken, bacon, egg, cheddar, red onion, mayo, wrapped in romaine lettuce
Bombay: chicken tandoori, avocado, green onion, spinach, swiss, bacon, sprouts, mango chutney
High Street: chicken, turkey, bacon, swiss, tomato, lettuce
Cuban: ham, pork loin, spinach, tomato, slaw, red onion, swiss, cuban mustard
Big: ham, turkey, roastbeef, swiss, bacon, tomato, bell pepper, red onion, lettuce, oil+vinegar, sweet pickles
Vegamite: spinach, cucumber, mushroom, tomato, bell pepper, red onion, avocado, lettuce, sprouts, oil+vinegar, sweet pickles, swiss
Deltan: ham, pimiento cheese, asparagus, red onion, tomato, lettuce
San Francisco: grilled chicken, sundried tomato, red onion, avocado, lettuce
Aspen: seasoned chicken breast, avocado, sprouts, tomato
Congress: pork loin, spinach, red onion, tomato, dijon mustard
Olde Tyme: pastrami, swiss, sauerkraut, 1000 island, rye
Bay St. Louis: shrimp salad, avocado, lettuce
Sanderson: grilled chicken, swiss, tomato, bacon, red onion, lettuce
NorthSide: barbecue chicken, coleslaw, served on a bun
Onassis: grilled chicken, romaine, marinated cucumber, onion, bell pepper, tomato, feta dressing, on focaccia bread

All Sammies come dressed with Room Service Mayonaise.
Specialty Mayos: garlic, cranberry, mango chutney, or horseradish.
Toasted bread, yellow, dijon, cuban, or creole mustards, sweet or dill pickles, jalapenos, black beans, pepperjack cheese, and cuban smash by request.


All sammies served with a choice of (one):

Salads: green salad, corn salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, potato salad, greek salad, asian salad
Chips: baked lay's, ruffles, lay's sour cream chips, lay's BBQ, tostito/salsa, doritos
Soup: southwest chicken, broccoli cheese, french onion, chili

St. Andrew's Spud

North Campus: ham, turkey, bacon, green onion, cheddar cheese
South Campus: grilled chicken, bacon, red onion, swiss cheese, ranch dressing
Build your own: $8.75


coke, diet coke, sprite, sweet and unsweet tea, green tea, lemonade
tea by the gallon


big bad brownie
chocolate chip cookie
strawberry and pecan cheesecake